A Word on Swing Episode #5: ILHC, BABY!

Here’s our extremely topical and timely show re-capping The International Lindy Hop Championships. We get down and dirty into some nitty gritty details about what it’s like to manage, judge, compete, and just be at ILHC. Show breakdown after the jump.

  • Introduction
  • 8:05-Judging at ILHC
  • 10:14-Commentary on the level of competition and why there was a separate Classic and Pro Classic
  • 13:56-Managing ILHC.
  • 20:24-Experiencing ILHC as a competitor, judge, and attendee.
  • 25:58-Juggling the schedule.
  • 31:14-ILHC heavy hitters. The hardest working people in Lindy Hop.
  • 33:50-Contest formats and selecting competition songs.
  • 43:12-The bands
  • 49:04-What happened to the Cabaret division?
  • 52:42-Social dancing at ILHC
  • 57:35-The Circle of Life. Juniors, Old Timers, and The Revivalists.

Links to other stuff we talk about:

The Yehoodi Swing Nation ILHC broadcasts.

ILHC results and scoresheets.

George Lloyd

3 thoughts on “A Word on Swing Episode #5: ILHC, BABY!

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