A Word on Swing Episode #3: On The Porch Part 3

The Good news: Part three of our interview with Nina Gilkenson is here!

The Bad news: This is not the last part as previously promised.

Time has been tight so I was only able to edit this next section of the interview. Rather than keep you guys waiting for me to finish the whole thing, I figured that I should go ahead and out this up. The next part will definitely be the last . . . whenever that gets posted.

In the meantime, Bobby White finally makes his porch debut in time to talk to Nina about the Baltimore Lindy Hop community, and what they are doing to grow it. We also get Nina’s a very frank views on her Lindy “celebrity” status and how she feels it negatively affects the socialness of the national/international community. She then segues back into how that drives the “Damn The Man” attitude of the Mobtown Ballroom.

Once we finish posting Nina’s interview, we still have a virtual bucketload in the works for future episodes including:

We‘ve also done musician interviews with:

Make yourself comfortable and let’s hang out.

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