A Word on Swing Episode #3: On The Porch Part 1

We chat it up with one of Lindy Hop’s leading follows, Nina Gilkenson. Starting at the tender age of 13 in 1998, Nina has become become one of the most accomplished women in the modern Lindy Hop community; from placing and winning in countless Lindy Hop competitions to running the biggest one of them all, the International Lindy Hop Championships. She now calls Baltimore home where she also runs the infamous Mobtown Ballroom.

We tracked her down to her home through the seedy overbelly of the Charm City where we spent several hours getting to know her and what she thinks of the current state of the intercontinental phenomenon of Lindy Hop.

This part one of what will be a three part interview which will also feature rarely seen photos and videos. We do apologize for some of the more distracting sounds of Baltimore in the background, but please bear with us as it will only last through the first two parts.

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We’d also like to thank everyone who made their photo’s available so you wouldn’t have to look at us talking for an hour and a half especially:


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